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Beyond the fitness aspect of this project, the music CD gives local musicians a chance to reach a broad local market. Music genres include Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, Crossover, Pop, R&B. With no negative message or bad language!
Here are the bands that contributed their music for this project.

 Mock Orange:

Evansville's own, Silverthree Recording Artists, Mock Orange, has been making magical music together for nearly a decade. They released their first record in 1998, but it was their 2004 effort, "Mind Is Not Brain," that saw them come into their own. Casting genre considerations aside, they produce music that is true to the heart and soul. The album received critical acclaim both at home and abroad, providing Mock Orange the opportunity to tour throughout the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

They have appeared live on MTV2 and have had their songs used on CSI Miami as well as several other television shows. 2006 will witness a split EP with them and Japanese label mates A Band Apart" as well as the highly anticipated full-length follow up to MINB worldwide.


Mock Orange is Ryan Grisham: vocals/guitar; Joe Asher: guitar; Zach Grace: bass; Heath Metzger: drums. Visit


Band members are Jason McKinney: lead vocal/guitar; Jimmy DeTalente: lead guitar; Jake Fuller: guitar; Jesse Fuller: Drums and James Brown: drums.

 Lost Anthem:

Lost Anthem's sound is fresh and bursting with youth. This Evansville-based rock group brands their genre as "Summer Rock", it's a tip of the hat to the 80s, yet uniquely their own. The songs here, taken from their 2004 release "Otherside of Nowhere" show a diversity in style and content, moving from love songs, to power ballads­­all with a groove that makes you move.
They've received national radio airplay, have had rave reviews in the local press as well as in Nashville where they recorded their CD.


 The Huckleberrys:

Evansville's original rhythm and soul band. These guys have played myriad venues, from small clubs to large stages. They are perennial favorites at the W.C. Handy Blues Fest, at summertime concerts on the river front and at local night spots all over the region. The three songs here (taken from both their first album and their new sophomore release) offer the listener a taste of what to expect from their CDs and live shows.
Jeremy Hall on bass keeps the beat with rhythm partner Jim Cauley on drums. Cooper Bell's funky guitar chops balance nicely with Tim Stanley's soulful organ and vocals. Tim is the lead singer for the band, but shares the mic with Cooper and Jeremy from time-to-time.


MC Till:

Hip Hop artist extraordinare, MC Till is a rapper with a mission: seriously! He spreads the word of God in his music and touches on serious matters that affect our youth: abstaining from sex, drugs, love, not giving in to peer pressure and more. Not only do the lyrics reach out, the music is melodic, exciting and inviting.
As a performer he reaches teens and adults of many different ethnic backgrounds. He has packed houses in Florida, Chicago, Cincinnati and, yes, Evansville. He even mentions our fair city in one of his songs. Visit:


  Kristi DeWolf:

Kristi is one of those artists whose voice can literally bring chills to you. Her delivery of these lyrics: "slowly but surely I'm finding my way back to me" has such honesty that one wonders if the song isn't at all autobiographical.
Easy on the ears; easy on the eyes, Ms. DeWolf is a joy to see perform live. She is beginning to make a name for herself here in her hometown of Evansville with her bluesy style that moves seamlessly between country, rock, soul and pop. Huge thanks to Steve Davis and everybody at InTone Productions/Nashville ( their hard work, dedication, for bringing Kristi this song and for recording this track.



l-r: Gary Isbell, Bob Greene,
John Miller & Danny Erkman

 Around the turn of the century, Art "the dude" (songwriter/singer) hooked up with Gary Isbell (bassist) and began to play around Evansville under the moniker "Art 'the dude'". The band continued to build and before too long, WoodRocks was born.


Rock, country, folk, blues, you name it, they create it. WoodRocks has two songs on the CD. Track 4, "Happy to be here" is a Heartland Rocker that deals with going back home when you have been away for a while. The follow up, Track 9, "That ain't bad, but it ain't country" is a nod and a wink ;) to the "new country" sound.

Gary (bassist) is just as comfortable playing complex jazz riffs on his Fender bass as he is holding down the bottom of rock songs. Bob Greene (piano and organ), is an Evansville staple on the live music scene. He adds the finessing touches to these tracks. John Miller, lead and rhythm guitar is like a race horse bursting out of the gate: power, speed and agility. One of the area's most sough-after drummers because of his incredible timing (you could set your clock to this guy), Danny Erkman, is in a half-dozen bands at any given time. Art "the dude," the band's songwriter and vocalist, also plays harps and acoustic guitar. He has jammed on the acoustic stage at the Country Music Festival in Nashville and was part of an opening act for Travis Tritt at Mesker Ampitheatre. Check out at

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